Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Foundations, What is your pizza built one?

When the idea of starting a restaurant came to me.  I knew that it had to be pizza.  What is more easier to relate to as a food than pizza?  Well maybe chocolate, but we can talk about that later.  Pizza is ultimate comfort and a blank canvas.

Hi, my name is Jerome (owner and creator of Jerome's Pizza) and I believe my art, my passion, my contribution to our world is pizza.  I offer it to you for public consumption.  Literally, you can eat my art.  Go ahead, I do not mind.  In fact, that is what I have created it for.  And not just traditional pizza, though I have that and it is quite good, but specialty pizzas that push the limit of "They put what on a pizza?!?"

  But as I mentioned before, pizza is a blank canvas to which my team and I create wonderful taste sensations.  More on the taste sensations to come.  I wanted to talk about dough today, or the crust.

It took 3 years of testing and retesting the crust on my family and friends to ensure that it was perfect.  "Poor family and friends" you might be thinking and actually yes that is true.  The crust was not always amazing.  The first test, I accidentally mixed the sugar and salt measurements.  Thus rendering the pizza inedible, regardless of the toppings, sauce, and cheese used. Luckily my amazing wife was there to save the day with leftovers, and of course my friends brought the Fat Tire.

So that is where I come to my point and the reason for the 3 year journey to bring to you, my public, an exceptional pizza crust.  My point is simple.  You can dress up any pizza with amazing toppings and flashy gimmicks, but if the crust sucks, well in my opinion the pizza sucks.  The dough is the foundation of everything, and if it is faulty then pizza is faulty.  That is why it took me 3 years.  That is why I made my family and friends try pizza after pizza after pizza. So that, when it came time to open Jerome's Pizza and serving more than just the people that already love me, I would be serving a pizza with an amazing foundation.

Be sure to check us out at http://www.jeromes-pizza.com for more.

Changing the world, One slice at a time,